Building a Bright Future: The New Hanover County Government Center Redevelopment Project

Case Study: Thomas Construction Group’s revitalization project for the NHC Government Center

In Spring 2023, Thomas Construction Group proudly completed the New Hanover County Government Center, marking the completion of the first phase of the New Hanover County Government Redevelopment Plan. Below we are going to explore the challenges faced and solutions implemented by Thomas in creating this newly designed facility. The New Hanover County Government Center stands as a symbol of progress and innovation with its mix of office, meeting, public, emergency operations, and parking.

Addressing the Client’s Needs

The former Government Center presented numerous inefficiencies in staff and customer interactions, with limited windows and natural light in service areas. Understanding the client’s need for an improved facility, Thomas Construction Group designed a streamlined environment that prioritizes staff-customer interaction. The new center features a prominent customer service area upon entry, granting easy access to all departments. Its open design and abundant windows create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

Overcoming Key Challenges

One of the most significant challenges encountered during the project was navigating the supply chain disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The extended lead times for electrical equipment posed a considerable obstacle. To mitigate this challenge, Thomas Construction Group implemented workarounds whenever possible, utilized temporary equipment when necessary, and closely monitored promised shipping dates. Frequent communication with suppliers and manufacturers ensured timely delivery and allowed for prompt action whenever delays occurred.

Notable Features of the Completed Building

The main office building stands as a striking four-story structure constructed with concrete tilt wall panels. Its design showcases abundant windows and a combination of exterior colors and finishes, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing appearance that catches the eye. Additionally, the two-story Emergency Operations/911 Call Center boasts a hardened structure equipped with impact-rated windows, concrete walls, and roofs. The incorporation of redundant systems ensures the county’s safety, security, and operational efficiency.

Innovative Aspects of the Project

While the completed Government Center is an impressive accomplishment on its own, its significance is amplified when considering the future phases of the redevelopment plan. Phase 2 will introduce a new Board of Elections building and a park with prominent architectural features, further enhancing the project’s visual appeal and functionality. Looking ahead to Phase 3, the planned mixed-use development will solidify the Government Center as a model for other communities, providing a dynamic and vibrant space for years to come.


The completion of Phase 1 of the New Hanover County Government Center revitalization project by Thomas Construction Group exemplifies the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and functional spaces. By addressing the client’s needs, overcoming supply chain challenges, and incorporating notable features, Thomas Construction Group has transformed the former Government Center into a modern facility that fosters efficient operations and positive interactions. As future phases unfold, the New Hanover County Government Center will continue to be a centerpiece of activity, setting an example for other communities aspiring to create exceptional spaces for their constituents.

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