Thomas Transformed the Campus of a Company Transforming Their Industry

Case Study: Taking a Multi-Phased Approach, Thomas Strategically Expanded and Revamped nCino’s Wilmington Campus as They Welcomed Employees Back Post-Covid.


In late 2020, Thomas Construction Group was awarded the prestigious nCino project, which presented a unique set of challenges due to the ongoing global pandemic. This case study explores how Thomas successfully navigated the preconstruction details and implemented a multi-phased approach to ensure the project’s timely completion. Despite material shortages and supply chain disruptions, the Thomas team demonstrated agility by adapting timelines and purchasing methods to troubleshoot delays and find practical solutions.

Phase 1: The Five-Story Parking Deck

Recognizing the importance of preparing for the return of nCino employees as pandemic-related restrictions eased, the Thomas team and nCino prioritized the construction of a five-story parking deck. By focusing on this initial phase, they ensured that the necessary infrastructure was in place to accommodate the growing workforce. The team’s commitment to delivering a high-quality project within the specified timeline set the foundation for future success.

Phase 2: The New Office Building

Simultaneously with the parking deck, Thomas Construction Group commenced the construction of a new office building to accommodate nCino’s expanding employee base. The office space was designed to house over 500 employees and featured multiple collaborative workspaces to facilitate teamwork and innovation. By seamlessly transitioning from one phase to another, the Thomas team demonstrated their ability to manage complex projects with efficiency and precision.

“The entire team at Thomas was integral to completing our projects on time and up to our expectations,” said Carey McMullen, nCino Facilities Management and Operations Specialist. “Thomas Construction Group’s attention to detail, effective communication, and team approach mentality created a successful environment for these projects.”

nCino Corporate Headquarters & Parking Deck

Phase 3: Interior and Facade Updates

In addition to the primary construction phases, Thomas undertook updates and renovations to nCino’s existing building. The interior updates included upgrading an existing floor to be more in line with design of the new building. On the exterior, both front and back entrances were upgraded and an outdoor lawn area with a putting green and seating offered nCino employees an inspiring environment to unwind and connect with nature.


The opportunity to collaborate with nCino on this extensive project was a significant honor. Thomas Construction Group’s expertise, attention to detail, and collaborative mindset were instrumental in establishing a successful working relationship. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering outstanding results, the team completed the project on time and exceeded nCino’s expectations.

We look forward to Always Building Creative Spaces that foster talented minds.

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