National Mentoring Month with Thomas

With January being National Mentoring Month, we wanted to take the time to recognize the impact mentors have on individuals’ lives and how these relationships play such a big role here at Thomas Construction Group. As stated by mentoring.org, “One conversation, one experience, and one mentor can change a young person’s life.” At Thomas, this resonates deeply as we embody a commitment to fostering growth and success within our organization.

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Mentorship is the foundation of professional and personal development, offering benefits that extend beyond the individual to the entire organization. From communication skills to knowledge transfer, mentorship cultivates a positive workplace culture conducive to innovation and collaboration. The diverse workforce at Thomas, spanning ages 21 to 73, reflects our belief in the value of collective experience. Most effectively seen through our annual internship program, we provide hands-on learning opportunities, pairing interns with seasoned professionals who guide them through every facet of the construction industry.

From the perspective of our General Superintendent, Roger Connor, there are always benefits for both mentors and mentees. Everyone in the relationship has the opportunity to grow, communicate more efficiently, and transfer knowledge and skills.  “One of the best team building strategies is being able to put younger superintendents and senior superintendents together to get that every day, hands-on training. And believe it or not, some of the older superintendents benefit from this more than they would ever expect. Those younger guys teach them a lot, especially when it comes to technology.”

The success stories of individuals like Landon Battle, Matt Sellers, Wyatt Johnson, and Jarrin Sullivan, exemplify the power of mentorship when it comes to building our team at Thomas and attracting top-tier talent. Each starting as an intern, they are now all full-time employees. When we spoke with each of them about their experience in the internship program and what they gained from their mentor, they all responded similarly, stating that they gained invaluable experience and guidance through not just one but multiple mentors within the company.

“Thanks to the support of individuals like Noah Price, Mike Brisson, and Patrick Watkins, I enhanced my skills and fueled my passion for the work we do here. The positive environment and encouragement that I constantly received during my internship played a pivotal role in my decision to pursue a full-time position at Thomas. Now, as a full-time employee, I am eager to continue to thrive in this dynamic and motivating workplace.” Landon Battle, Field Engineer

“Changing careers in your mid-30s can be a bit of an overwhelming experience. My love for construction has always been deeply rooted, so when I decided to make that leap, I needed to find the right company that would see my love for construction and provide the opportunity for my growth. After onboarding with Thomas Construction Group, I found that I was surrounded by many individuals with that same passion. The Leadership team at Thomas offered exactly that. I was given opportunities to show my hunger to grow while being offered the right resources to ensure that growth was of great substance. I was always equipped with the tools and mentorship that would allow me to be at my best and I’m thankful to be surrounded by such supportive team members who are always ready to help and share the joy of my successes.” Matt Sellers, Assistant Estimator

“Being an intern at Thomas Construction Group before joining full-time was invaluable because it exposed me to all the different roles and processes at Thomas. Since I had experience with the Thomas process during my internship, I was able to transition into my full-time role with more ease. The relationships I made through the internship program significantly helped me in my career. As far as mentors, it truly was a team effort. Both while I was interning and when I was hired full-time. I can’t name just one – there have been so many leaders on this team who’ve helped guide me to where I am in my role today.” Wyatt Johnson, Assistant Project Manager

“As the first intern that Thomas ever had, my experience was a little bit different than the program that we have established today, but I feel like the principles and takeaways still hold true. Thomas was built on hard work, dedication, family principles, and values and each one of my mentors demonstrated that from the beginning. But since day one, my biggest mentor has been Curtis Newkirk. Although I am out of the internship phase and 6 years into my full-time career with Thomas, I am still learning from him daily. His guidance and experience continue to play a vital role in my career.” Jarrin Sullivan, Assistant Project Manager

Through these experiences, we have found that clear communication, goal setting, and creating a supportive environment are essential elements of effective mentorship where both mentors and mentees maximize their collaborative potential. As National Mentoring Month comes to an end, we extend our gratitude to the mentors who have played a pivotal role in shaping our team members and our company culture while nurturing the next generation of construction professionals. At Thomas Construction Group, mentorship isn’t just a program; it’s a testament to our values that curate a strong and lasting culture.

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