Every project starts in Preconstruction and early collaboration is the key to success. We utilize relationships built through years of experience to provide detailed estimates and precise value-engineering to develop a plan that addresses schedule, budget and potential rocks in the road – all before we even break ground.  

Our preferred methods of project delivery – Design/Build and Construction Management at Risk (CM@R) – allow early introduction of the project team. This provides continuity, communication, and clear expectations throughout project execution, with our main focus on providing a seamless experience for clients from beginning to end.    


Target Value Delivery

We are driven by our client’s unique needs and understand that having the right information is crucial to making the best decisions. In response, we developed a propriety Target Value Delivery project approach that recognizes that direct and immediate correlation between design and cost. What does this mean for your project?

  1. TARGET: We improve the timetable from inception to completion by streamlining accountability and fast-tracking processes.   
  2. VALUE: By identifying what our clients value the most, we achieve clarity around significant project components.   
  3. DELIVERY: By establishing a vision of clear success and the required milestones along the way, we set early expectations around a shared, desired outcome. 


Preconstruction Stages & Technology

At each stage of preconstruction, our meticulous team is committed to quantifying and analyzing every project detail. Using cost history, regional market conditions, key trade input, and other tools, we can confidently provide you with a total construction cost and schedule.   

Early Cost Modeling Provides a Conceptual Budget to Build Upon.

DD Estimates Confirm Budget. Constructability Review Begins.

MEP Evaluation Identifies Major Scope Costs and Trade Partners.

Value Analysis Throughout Ensures Limited Redesign and Delays.

As Plans are Finalized, GMP & Total Construction Cost is Established.

VDC and BIM technology Provides 3D Visuals and Conflict-Free Layouts.