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Our passion for construction inspires us to elevate the standards of all we do, from the leadership that guides us to the culture that defines us. We aspire to build a legacy that makes all Thomas employees proud.

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To us, leadership isn’t just a term used to describe a few people at Thomas. Leadership is a frame of mind that we encourage in every employee. We want people to come to work every day excited to empower each other, take care of their clients and find clever solutions to everyday issues.

Executive Leadership

When you combine our leadership team’s experience, we have over a century’s worth of construction projects under our belt. Our leaders listen first, speak second, and always get things done.

Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership - Thomas Construction

Project Leadership

Through open and honest communication, we proactively anticipate issues and creatively find solutions to ensure your project remains on track.

Project Leadership

Jill Pointing

Personal Leadership

Our people are committed to their craft and continually look for ways to improve and innovate their work.

Personal Leadership

Thomas - Personal Leadership


Our culture has been curated over years by being clear on our purpose, intentional with our values, and dedicated to our employees’ individual growth. We strive to make sure our employees and clients alike feel valued.


The Thomas Legacy

Thomas is more than our name – it’s our legacy and our inspiration, where we come from and where we’re going. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been changing skylines in our community and beyond…

and we’re just getting started.


Where We Started

Thomas Construction Group was founded on the idea that construction is more than just building buildings; it’s a service industry devoted to quality clients and happy employees.

Where We Started

Thomas Construction Group - Where We Started

Where We Are

Sustainable growth is the key to success. That means hiring extraordinary people, building client relationships, and redefining the standard process. In short, we expect more.

Where We Are

Thomas Culture - Onsite

Where We Are Going

We’re building a culture of people who are on a mission to provide unparalleled customer service and best in class results. Watch us grow.

Where We Are Going

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