Technology & Innovation

When it comes to technology, we use our discerning nature to rigorously vet new solutions and adopt only the best. If it helps us deliver a better product while maintaining the bottom line, we embrace innovation. Some of the methods that have made it past our experts include: PROCORE construction management software, which revolutionized the way we track and communicate around projects, adding two fully licensed drone pilots, early adoption of BIM and VDC 3D building technologies, onboarding a P6 expert, and placing BIM boxes on jobsites for field and trade partner use.

Construction Planning - Thomas

Lean Construction

The principles of Lean Construction have always been part of Thomas’ ethos. Our project approach emphasizes the reduction of waste, efficient execution, transparent decision making and most importantly, defining and delivering client value. Solidified from project start with our proprietary preconstruction TVD approach, a few ways you can see how Lean principles permeate the lifecycle of a project include pull planning, team building DISC workshops, regular meetings with Owners and Architects, and weekly Toolbox Safety Talks.

Onsite Construction Team at Thomas

Quality & Safety

We are committed to the highest level of quality and safety, two principles that go hand in hand in our business. Before we break ground, we produce project-specific Quality Control measures and Site Safety plans, but that’s only the beginning. Regular reviews throughout construction are conducted by project teams, Safety Directors, and Corporate Schedulers to ensure we identify new risks, track solutions and measure project success.


We are committed to leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. By including sustainable solutions in our value analysis and project approach, building owners and operators are given options that can help impact their buildings performance and bottom line, while providing healthy spaces for building occupants.