Career Fair Tour of ‘23: A Recap with Ellie Cura

In the dynamic world of construction, where talent is the cornerstone of success, Thomas Construction Group has been on the move, actively participating in career fairs at colleges and universities across North Carolina and beyond. Ellie Cura, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, has been the driving force behind our presence at these events, ensuring that we consistently attract, recruit, and retain top-tier talent. As Ellie recently wrapped up her summer of ‘23 career fair tour, she took the time to recap her experiences and share some exciting moments with the rest of our team.

Three Thomas employees at NC State for a career fair
Ellie Cura / Talent Acquisition Specialist

Navigating the College Landscape
One of the key aspects of our career fair strategy was the selection of which schools to attend. This choice was primarily made by which universities have a strong construction management department and have a connection to Thomas through our current talent, including Auburn University, North Carolina State University, East Carolina University, and Appalachian State University.

Standing Out
Career fairs have a multitude of industry partners vying for students’ attention. To make Thomas stand out among the crowd, I implemented several strategies this year –

  1. Updated Swag and Banners: We invested in eye-catching promotional products, ensuring that the booth was visually appealing and would attract visitors’ attention.
  2. Proactive Presence on Handshake: Handshake is the number one platform for college recruiting where employers can list full-time and part-time jobs and internships for current students or recent graduates. To successfully utilize this platform as an employer, it’s essential to stay active and continuously update our job postings and information. Before attending a career fair, I would post open job requisitions and push the posts to the schools I was targeting, post on the university’s career fair boards, and directly invite individuals to apply based on their Handshake profile information.
  3. Social Media Announcements: Leveraging the power of our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, we announced our participation in career fairs through our platforms to build awareness among students.
  4. Engaging with Alumni: I connected with previous interns who are now full-time Thomas employees, inviting them to participate in career fairs at their alma maters and building a network of advocates for the company.

Lessons Learned for Continued Success
I’ve learned how important it is to be proactive during the fast-paced environment of career fairs. To ensure success at each event and to streamline the hiring process, I always make sure to grab resumes and take detailed notes during conversations with students from various backgrounds and graduation years.

Nurturing Future Talent
One of the most significant indicators of success has been Thomas’s ability to find and recruit future employees and interns at these events. I can proudly say that several interns who were recruited from past career fairs are now full-time Thomas employees, some of whom have progressed through the ranks and are now on to their third promotion within the company!

As we continue to invest in talent pipeline strategies, these experiences and insights serve as a testament to our commitment to remaining at the forefront of the construction industry. Success at events like these not only reflects our team’s dedication to finding the best talent but also showcases the vibrant and engaging workplace that Thomas Construction Group has to offer. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to build a stronger, more skilled workforce for the future. #AlwaysBuilding

Thomas table and banners set up for a career fair at Auburn University

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