Women In Construction Recap

Thomas Construction Group is pleased to employ some of the brightest and most dedicated women in construction and all industries. The construction workforce comprises approximately 9% women, which Thomas more than doubles as our staff is built of 22% female employees. In support of Women’s History Month this past March, we celebrated the first week by participating in Women in Construction Week

So please, help us congratulate and celebrate these incredible women of Team Thomas!

Women In Construction Recap Operations Team

In Operations, we have LAURA WILLIAMS – Corporate Compliance Officer, CONNIE BARZANGI – Project Engineer, DEANNA RABON – Senior Project Manager, CATHY GREER – Corporate Scheduler, and STEPHANIE BATEWELL – Project Manager. These women keep our projects progressing and on schedule while Always Building relationships with clients and trade partners.

WIC at Thomas | Preconstruction

In Preconstruction, we have ANNETTE DEVORE – Estimator, JILL SULLIVAN – Project Development Manager, and AMANDA MELTON – Estimating Coordinator. These ladies keep the work rolling in and are Always Building opportunities.

Thomas WIC | Accounting Team

In Accounting, we have DIANE HOWE – Senior Project Accountant, SHARON CLATTERBUCK – Accounts Payable Specialist, and HANNAH OTTO – Assistant Controller. Keeping us on track and helping us keep score, these women are Always Building efficiency and accuracy.

Thomas Women In Construction Recap | Admin, HR, and Marketing Team

And in our Admin, HR, and Marketing Team, we have ANN BATSON – Administrative Assistant, ELLIE CURA – Talent Acquisition Specialist, BECKY EADES – Executive Assistant, DAWN REELS – Payroll and Benefits Specialist, and SCOUT MCGRAW – Marketing Specialist. These ladies are Always Building up our employees, our teams, and our processes.

Cheers to each and every one of you for your continued dedication to your craft.

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